Ease the /rise of talent, teams & communities to their highest potential.

Facebook gives us a way to connect, Messenger helps us to communicate,
but in large networks noise to signal is too big and finding the right people is hard.
Rise hacks networking by providing insights about who, why, how and when to reach other people.
Rise is a fundamental rethink of the way we connect our capabilities, motivations & resources to our needs & challenges. Rise combines Collective intelligence with our propietary algorithms & machine learning to create a unique match-making engine to inspire water cooler conversations, by exposing the right people, to the right needs & opportunities, the right way.

/rise is the long awaited hack to Individual Development Plans.

Rise automates the creation of real-time intelligent & actionable insigths about non-obvious opportunities & uncommon partners, based on your personal skills & motivations, and the underlying affinities, complementarities & alignments with your peers. Rise allows users to become architects of their own development, customizing their relationships to better align with their interests skills and values.

What is so different about /rise?

RISE provides novel insights to mitigate the risks of connecting to uncommon partners, and advices & arguments to become architects of their own work..
And how does RISE know what suits you? It doesn't, so it begins asking simple questions, specific to your context (Geography, Area, Department, Position), that will branch into greater detail based on your profiles (capabilities, motivations, personal goals...) and will adapt observing your peers ( affinities, complementarities, interpersonal prefferences, chemistry, recommendations) to expose you to new tasks, new teams, new challenges, new information, opportunities & organizational needs.
Your choices & opinions are combined with others and distilled with our proprietary algorithms to automate the creation of a myriad of meaningful, temporary and private insights to minimize the risk of new connectons.

Exposed privately at the right pace & cadence, you will curate the ones that suit you, because those will be the foundations for the following insights.


P2P Interactions

Communities, collaboration, change & innovation emerge bottom up based on iterative p2p interactions. /rise is an investment on the best version of the interactions that could generate a higher impact.

People Centric

Rise provides a constant dropping of unprecedented insightsin people´s terms. Temporary, subjective, private insights based on deffered acceptance. Not for managment, not for your boss, for your eyes only.

Collective Intelligence

Rise makes work more meaningful & organisations more intelligent by changing the way talents are managed. Leverage your collective intelligence for personal fulfilment, interpersonal & organisational performance. Imagine your community working in concert for impact.



Reorganise human potential.

But why would Rise work where others failed?
Rise combines a social graph with a knowledge graph with the 2 critical conditions.
1. Fullfilment & meaningfulness is not about equations or algorythms, it is not only about capabilities & complementarity, but about motivations, affinity, about chemistry and alignments and even changing opinions.
2. True change, collaborations & innovation are bottom up processes emerginf from the people, so we focuses solely on the people. Insights are about empowerment, and hence they will remain private.

Insights provide you the arguments you need to ease your /rise.

As a user you will receive a myriad of questions, personal, interpersonal & collective insigths that will adapt to your profile, choices & evolve constantly to new opportunities. Insights are like climb holds to ease your rise to your highest potential.

Receive a myriad of private insights about all you could be doing

As a user you will receive a myriad of personal & interpersonal insigths based on your profile and choices.

The right connections, the right way

Temporary Insights

Needs & opinions change overtime and so will your insights to keep meaningful & relevant

Novel Connections, Uncommon Partners

New collaborations, new perspectives, learning and change happen via new connections. Rise aims to hack serendipity by easing conversations otherwise unprobable .

For your eyes only

Rise is about empowering not control. All insights are for your eyes only. Nobody knows what you get, no obligation, no control.

Deferred Acceptance

Get intelligent insigths only about what you most care and only if both parties involved are interested.

Real-Time Updates

Receive Instant feedback and updates with the right cadence on opportunities as they surge.

Intelligent & Adaptive

Visual, not demanding interface based on the "Who is Who" game.

Integrate /rise in existing platforms with the/rise API

What our clients & friends say!.

Made by change makers to ease the rise of change makers

The serendipity methodology was originally created by Cuantics Creatives in 2009, as an attempt to scaling desing thinking to participants throughout very large organisations organisations.
Its early version was succesfully applied at TV3 of Catalunya during 9 months and won the Disonancias International Competition.
Further validation was obtained winning the Global Impact Competition by Fundacion Rafael del Pino and Singularity University at Google NASA in 2013.
That was the beginning of the digital version of the serendipity engine. Today RISE has gathered the interest of major IBEX companies and it is currently being adapted as a perfect complement for Individual Development Plans.
But this is only the beginning, so please stay tunned.


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